is a library worker and kinesthetic learner motivated by retrieval, enunciation, proximity, and specificity.

CRUSH PARTY (March 2019)

with Christine Nyce

A party where everyone anonymously invites their crushes, and the crushes invite their crushes, and so on, etc. You all show up in a room and you don’t know who each other are. This is not about declaring your crush—it’s about uncertainty.

Continuing Memory (April–May 2019)

Nine oral history interviews with students on how they have personally struggled with activism, community, and survival at williams college. Preserved in the college archives, a student-controlled counterarchive, and a public website.

Spider Web (b. April 2019)

Ongoing research on trans surfaction: bodies without surfaces, woven flatness, positive definition/encrustment, and multispecies monstrosity, informed by Eva Hayward’s question, “Might web-building best articulate... the act of extending bodily substance through sexual transition?”

Saturday Night Residency (January 2019)

One student artist at a time is invited to spend a Saturday night on the floor of my dorm room and talk about anything while I weave and try to grow sourdough starter from scratch. This program concluded after two artists completed the residency.

Slow Cooker Tuesdays (February–May 2018)

A series of small gatherings around slow-cooked vegetables in my bubble-wrapped room: carrots, turnips, beets (by special delivery), brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes. Special non-Tuesday events included a bridge party, a poetry party, and an Einstein on the Beach screening with homemade sourdough.

Murmur (September 2018)

Unrealized proposition for a yearlong participatory complex of flocks and baths.