rosemary wexler

is a weaver, library worker, and kinesthetic learner. they’re living in Pittsburgh.

#2 Pant / #3 Shirt

codesigned and constructed by Claire Bergey

2/2 twill with inlay 


#10f Ondulé Study


Wool, linen


with Christine Nyce

A party where everyone anonymously invites their crushes, and the crushes invite their crushes, and so on, etc. You all show up in a room and you don’t know who each other are. This is not about declaring your crush—it’s about uncertainty.

Continuing Memory

Nine oral history interviews with students on how they have personally struggled with activism, community, and survival at williams college. Preserved in the college archives, a student-controlled counterarchive, and a public website.


Improvisationally machine-pieced and quilted

January 2019


Information about lighting & graphic design, directing, performance, and academic work available on request.